300mg Pet Tincture – Natural


Our balanced formula of 300mg full spectrum hemp extract** blended with organic MCT oil from coconut. Easy to administer dropper bottle. 10mg per serving – 30 servings per bottle – 300 total mg CBD*.

*Contains 10mg cannabinoids (CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBGa, CBG, CBC) and 0.25mg THC per serving. (1 ml)

**Because we offer a whole plant extract, there is 0.25mg of THC per serving that is non-psychoactive and in concentrations no greater than 0.3% by law for industrial hemp classification.

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil from coconut, organic full spectrum hemp extract.

Note: This product is for pets.


6 reviews for 300mg Pet Tincture – Natural

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’m super impressed with this product! My dog is epileptic and this seems to be helping her stay more relaxed daily. I hope that it’s even preventing her from seizures. The company is awesome! They were super fast in shipping out the oil to us. I like that I know where this CBD product was made. We will be purchasing more in the future!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I received an early test sample for the pet tincture to test out. My dog was having seizures and I wanted to try CBD to see if it will help ease or stop the seizures. The vet prescribed Phenobarbital per usual. I was giving the dog 1 pill and 5 drops of CBD per meal. I noticed that the dog’s appetite increased and enjoyed eating her meals. Before she would not eat to well so an increased appetite was great. I tracked the frequency of seizures while on the medication and CBD. The dog would still have an occasional seizure, so the vet increased the meds to 1.5 pills a meal. I kept the CBD to 5 drops. Eventually I ran out of CBD. After the CDB the dog did not have any seizures, but I am attributing that to the Phenobarbital. I don’t believe the CBD stopped or eased the seizures in my pet. I never tried CBD only and no pills because if the dog was having seizures still on 1 pill plus 5 drops, why would no pill and 5 drops be better. Fast forward to a few weeks after I ran out of drops, we had to put our dog down because it turn out that the dog had cancer. The vet said that it was a slow growing cancer that eventually ended up eating away skull- brain tissue and that was most likely why the dog was having seizures. The CBD had nothing to do with the dog getting cancer I just want to make that clear. It started way before we received the CBD and went un-diagnosed until we had to put the dog down. What I liked about the product was that she was excited for meal time and seemed to be in better spirits after she ate it. It is a sad story but I believe that the dog was happier after she at the product and for that I am grateful for adding some happiness to my pets dark time.

  3. 5 out of 5

    It took daily doses for about a week to start working but B.B.’s anxiety during storms has decreased significantly. Her emotional recovery from these episodes has decreased dramatically since we started using the tincture. I think we have finally found help with B.B.’s storm anxiety!

  4. 5 out of 5

    I personally give it to my dog she’s 8. She has some fatty tumours. 300mg will go a very long way for your dog. I have a few customers wanting to try it for their dog. At $25 you really can’t lose. I give a 1/2 mL a day. So this will last 2 months if you have a dog under 50lbs.

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