April showers bring May flowers.

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With our big 4/20 sale winding down and closing out April we find ourselves hitting our biggest monthly sales volume yet and we have you, our customers, solely to thank for that.

It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to provide what I consider to be among the best hemp extracted medicine on the market today. With so many products and brands to select from I personally thank you for choosing us. I am sincere when I say I have been humbled by all the wonderful feedback and stories from people who’s lives we have touched
vis-à-vis our efforts. It keeps us going. It keeps up striving to be better, to be the best.

It’s hard to believe the 2019 growing season is off to the races already. The seeds have been planted and are vegetating in the safety of our greenhouses before they are big and tough enough for the raw elements of the natural world. Once planted outdoors, they quickly bloom in a dazzling array of splendid color and beauty in their natural flowering state full of CBD and cannabinoid rich trichromes. It amazes me every year how glorious the hemp plant becomes in such a small amount of time. A gift for all mankind, indeed.

Cheers to the start of another bountiful farming season.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Michaan

CEO & Co-Founder

Rocky Mountain Pure

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