A Message From The Founders.

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For us it all began with a simple question. How do we create a balanced and complete hemp extract without sacrificing or compromising any part of the valuable cannabinoid chain? When we first set out to answer that for ourselves, we had no idea the path it would take us on. From endless questions about extraction methods and equipment setups, to countless hours of research, brainstorming, and chemistry formulation. We ultimately found ourselves overwhelmed in a sea of fog to wade through, in search of the perfect synergistic product for our clients. As experienced farmers with the know how to cultivate the best hemp plants imaginable, we needed concrete solutions to match our quest for an equally exceptional extract. This is what we are creating for the world today. It’s hard to imagine how far we have come since those early days almost 4 years ago, yet also humbling to us while reflecting on it.


To most cannabis consumers this day is a holiday to smoke marijuana and get high. To our family it means so much more. It means health. It means happiness. It means thankfulness. It means freedom. You have all become a part of our family, helping and following along in this journey; not just for our farm and community, but for the entire world. It’s incredible how far cannabis legalization has progressed in the last decade, and how much potential it has in the future to aid humanity.

We wanted to take this 4/20 to personally extend our appreciation to each and every one of you who has, and continues to support us in this endeavor. We are honored to provide what we consider to be the most exceptionally crafted hemp extracts available on the market and have decided to show our sincere gratitude by continuing our 25% off sale until the end of the month with coupon code 420 in the shopping cart. We don’t strive to be the biggest, we strive to be the best!

Happy 4/20 in good health and wellness. From our family to yours.

Mike and Lester


Rocky Mountain Pure

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  1. I have personally watched the process, from seed to product, and after harvest, the exceptional scientific control of making proprietary formulations, and everyone’s continual pursuit to produce pure, effective, full spectrum hemp extract products. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Ben Holmes of Centennial Seeds and to Ty Odle of Western Slope Extraction for participating in our endeavors to produce the best, purist hemp products on the market.

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