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Our story...from dream to reality...

A chance meeting of two individuals from different generations and backgrounds sparked an idea. An idea that morphed into a journey to provide the best full spectrum hemp extract oil for their family, loved ones, and themselves. The need for this restorative and beneficial plant was obvious to both from all angles of the spectrum. Thus was born the concept of Rocky Mountain Pure, a balanced blend of whole plant, .

The process begins on ancient Anasazi farming ground, in the heart of the Colorado Rockies at 7,000 feet, where an organic and natural approach to cultivation is put into action via hand planting of high quality seeds. From germination to harvest, all manner of care is attended to in a chemical and pesticide free method of farming to produce not only the most pure hemp extract, but to respect and protect the land it is grown on. Pure Rocky Mountain water, sun, earth and air all contribute to the cultivation of our hemp, the way nature intended. With the combination of natural and sustainable growing conditions, the end result is a CBD oil with a complete blend of cannabinoids to supplement the needs of you, your family, and loved ones. From our family farm, to you and yours.

Rocky Mountain Pure is proud to announce our full spectrum hemp extract in a variety of wellness products available in our online shop. We thank you for stopping by and believe you will enjoy them as much as we do.



Rocky Mountain Pure FULL-SPECTRUM

Discover the Difference Full Spectrum Makes

Rocky Mountain Pure prides itself on offering a whole plant extract to promote the entourage effect. A full spectrum oil provides increased bioavailability for the body to absorb and utilize the cannabinoids present in all of our products. ​

Minute and trace amounts of all compounds in a whole plant extract - including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids - all contribute to greater utilization of CBD in one's body.

Cannabinoids have a greater therapeutic effect when working together as a team rather than acting as a singular isolated molecule. The full spectrum of more than one compound stimulates your endocannabinoid system at the molecular level for a more profound effect.

Colorado Grown


Farming organically is the obvious choice for us; simple and sustainable methods allow us to create premium CBD extract that is non-GMO and free of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Our products are made with pure, all natural ingredients and hemp that is cultivated in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Natural and sustainable farming practices are followed to ensure the highest quality end product. Experience CBD in a whole plant,

You can expect the same quality, care and service as our friends and family who are among the many people that trust our exceptional products.


Why We Use
Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has an impressive range of nutrients and compounds, including vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D, magnesium and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The high levels of vitamins A, E, and D provide many of the benefits avocado oil is praised for, as these vitamins act as antioxidants in the body.

Almost 70% of avocado oil consists of heart-healthy oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. The fatty acids are where the true benefits of this oil reside as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the good anti-inflammatory fats that our bodies need in order to function healthy and well.



  • Absolutely love this product. It contains a plethora of healing oils and herbs that smells awesome. Absorbs without leaving a residue to your skin, within 5 minutes. I use it after working at the end of the... read more

    Anasazi Ache Eraser - 2500mg Image

    Anasazi Ache Eraser - 2500mg

    Joseph -. Avatar
    Joseph -.

    I have been giving my son the cbd capsules for about a year. He struggles with focus issues at school, anxiety, and sleep problems. He also has a tic disorder. Tics are a strange animal....they manifest in... read more

    25mg Capsules Image

    25mg Capsules

    Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    I truly love this product. I sleep way better and have energy all day. It doesn't make me sleepy but once I lay down I pass out. Simply try it and you will know if it is for you.

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count Image

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count

    Henry K. Avatar
    Henry K.
  • This is by far the most effective CBD I’ve tried and is a miracle worker. After learning about how Rocky Mountain Pure CBD is made and extracted in Colorado (which is much different than the hemp derived... read more

    25mg Capsules Image

    25mg Capsules

    Rich G. Avatar
    Rich G.

    This is great, I found it most effective taken in the evening an hour before bedtime. Just overall relaxed. CBD is the chemical found in cannabis that bonds to the peripheral nervous system, not the central, so... read more

    25mg Capsules - 30 Count Image

    25mg Capsules - 30 Count

    Dan A. Avatar
    Dan A.

    I have been using drops for my brother Johnny. He gets over stimulated when too many people are around. He also had a hard time sleeping at night. We use the drops. this... read more

    1200mg Tincture - 30ml Image

    1200mg Tincture - 30ml

    margi Avatar
  • I use this on my neck, back and knees. Make sure you let it sit on you and don't wipe it off. Good for when your on the pc long hours or just relaxing in bed.

    Anasazi Ache Eraser - 300mg Image

    Anasazi Ache Eraser - 300mg

    t3mpoz Avatar

    This is an awesome product, you guys rock. The first day I took this, I felt great and went out to a pastry shop and had what felt like the most delicious piece of chocolate cake of my entire life.... read more

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count Image

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count

    Alex S. Avatar
    Alex S.

    Finished the bottle about a week ago. This stuff is very high quality. I've tried out several pure CBD products from different distributers and this is the best by far in my opinion. The full terpene profile and purity level... read more

    25mg Capsules - 30 Count Image

    25mg Capsules - 30 Count

    Spencer R. Avatar
    Spencer R.
  • I have been taking this since June, and have gone from 11 prescription medications, to only 5...( unavoidable)! My mental health, and physical health has improved so much! I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a more natural lifestyle.

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count Image

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count

    Misty B. Avatar
    Misty B.

    I served 2 tours, one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Needless to say my body is a little broken. Rocky Mountain Pure has simply changed my quality of life. Taking these drops twice a day, and supplementing with the... read more

    1200mg Tincture - 30ml Image

    1200mg Tincture - 30ml

    Ian H. Avatar
    Ian H.

    My mom is 71 and still works full time as a waitress. We have tried multiple brands of CBD. A friend told us about Rocky Mountain Pure. He gave us 3 pills to sample for her. The very... read more

    25mg Capsules Image

    25mg Capsules

    Melony J. Avatar
    Melony J.
  • This product has helped me with anxiety more than anything else has. Thank you guys!!

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count Image

    34mg Softgels - 90 Count

    Alex Avatar

    We really appreciate the pain relief we have experienced. I know for sure that all the ingredients listed are exactly what is in it. My husband swears by it (and that is from a person who was skeptical.)... read more

    Massage Cream - 500mg - 2oz Image

    Massage Cream - 500mg - 2oz

    Margie Avatar

    Tastes great and kicks in quick. Love all the products I try here and this is no different. Best results when put under tongue and let it sit for 30 seconds before swallowing any. Have nothing to eat or... read more

    600mg Tincture - Cinnamon - 30ml Image

    600mg Tincture - Cinnamon - 30ml

    t3mpoz Avatar
Rocky Mountain Pure Genetics


Superior Genetics for a Superior Result

At Rocky Mountain Pure we produce all our own hemp, we do not outsource! Because we will never outsource our hemp, we know exactly what goes into it. We start with a high quality strain of BaOx. Each seed is hand planted and well cared for from germination to harvest via an organic and sustainable cultivation practice. Our pesticide and chemical free methods of natural farming allow us to grow pure and consistent hemp plants that are free of any by-products whatsoever.

Pronounced "box", BaOx is based on selections from an inbred-line of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II seed. BaOx has been back-crossed and stabilized for strong CBD expression, fast flowering time and a short, dense structure. The combination of high quality genetics and a natural approach, produces the exceptional used in everything we create. It's not just pure, it's Rocky Mountain Pure!

Rocky Mountain Pure is proud to announce our in a variety of wellness products available in our online shop. We thank you for stopping by and believe you will enjoy them as much as we do.